Signa s1 & magnifi max & other sound bars

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I was at best buy the ither day and heard the polk magnifi max andsigna s1. On their demo stuff they had playing, I was quite impressed with the sound out of them. For 149$, and how small the s1 is, it sounded quite good!. I can see why people are happy with them

The magnifi max for its size sounded more like a home stereo then a sound bar with music. On HT, it had way more kick then I expected for the size of the subwoofer. Quite impressive. So much that i would even consider picking one up.

I wish the had the magnifi mini to hear since i have read so much about them on the forum. I imagine its between the S1 and the max.

I also heard the Klipsch 11, a 500$ samsung and a 500$ JBL. The Klipsch maybe wasnt set up properly since it sounded timny and shrill. The JBL and Samsung i imagine have similar components since they seemed to be voiced the same and at times i could not tell if what one of the 2 was playing. Again, not too shabby but the max to my ears still was a bit warmer and more pleasant sounding.

I also heard the Bose with subwoofer and the Sonos with subwoofer. Both quite impressive with the edge going to the Sonos. I had a bit of sticker shock on both systems. They sounded good but not 1500 $ good. The polk magnifi max at 500 or under to me is the better deal and save 1k for other things.

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