First Time Setting Up a Subwoofer - Atrium Sub10

Greetings, all.

I'd always thought that a sub needed at least a five channel amp. But from what I read last night, in preparation for installing my outdoor speakers (a pair of Atrium 5's and a Sub10), it appears that I can use a two channel amp – one channel taking white/green and the other taking red/black with the two 5's wired per usual into those same channels. (The attached image is from Polk's manual for the Sub10/Sat30 combination.)

So two questions -

1/ Is this correct?

2/ Will my old Luxman R-115 (70w into 8Ω) do the trick? (Its specs are at I'm not sure if the amp's 20Hz to 20kHz frequency response will be sufficient, or if it even matters.


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