NICE Marantz PM 8005 integrated amp w phono w remote ,power cord,manual

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I am selling my Marantz PM 8005 integrated amp. Changed speakers so I am going through the amp merry go round again and have always liked the Marantz units. This unit is in excellent condition and works perfectly. The 8005 is conservatively rated at 70 per side into 8 ohms and 100 into 4 ohms. It features 6 inputs including an excellent MM discrete phono stage Also has preamp out and a bypass to use in a HT system. Can drive two sets of speakers (nice terminals) and headphones. Excellent headphone section. There are triple tone controls and direct source to bypass them It is built like a tank a at almost 27lbs. Typical Marantz sound, full rich ,musical . Include All paperwork, remote, batteries and power cord. Will be well packed for safe delivery and insured. It retails for $1200. I have priced this sell as my price is well below the going rate at only $595. Thanks



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    That's a steal folks !!!
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    Keirh is this still available?
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    Sorry this was sold
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    Surprised this hasn't sold. I have a PM8004 and love it. Plenty of power, and sounds beautiful. Very nice phono stage as well. GLWTS.
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