Need help anybody know a replacement crossover for RE3606–1

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There’s anybody can help me need a pair of crossover re3606-1


  • sidnei100sidnei100 Posts: 10
    LSi 25 both Crossover was burned out
  • sidnei100sidnei100 Posts: 10
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    Not sure what happened but yes i would call that burned out! any idea what part was their? I would guess a capacitor but I don't even see any traces of the leads.

    I would check all of the tweeters and drivers and make sure they are not damaged before you go any further.
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    Here is a schematic if it helps. My guess the carbon was a 1.75 ohm resistor (shown as a 2.25 ohm in the schematic). Its on the tweeter circuit so my guess is your tweeters are fried too.
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    Thanks for the heads up
  • I was wondering if anyone has the updated schematic for this crossover? the schematic previously posted is Rev B from 2001 and looks a little sparse. also any Idea who is building new ones? jf0pr3jgafh2.jpg
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    Wow just wow !!! How do you do that?
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    pitdogg2 wrote: »
    Wow just wow !!! How do you do that?

    I don’t have any idea, I guess just lots of clipping.
    I assume you have LSi25s as well? If that’s the case, I can pull mine out for you and tell you what it is if no one can find a schematic. :)

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    My guess is lightning. I find it hard to believe you can turn an amp up so much it can vaporize a resistor and melt an inductor at the same time. From his later pics you can see the totally gone resistor is a sand cast one. How do you vaporize that?

    Did the OP ever find out if the tweeters and drivers survived? I doubt it.
  • I made a mistake the Schematic is the correct one, Looked at the picture of the board and concluded not enough components without counting items on the list. It was not Lightening, channel puffed and took it out I believe. The amp is a 7/1250 Sherbourn 225watts @4ohms, had the amp fixed now looking to fix the crossover. While removing the crossover it dropped, cracked and broke the casing. Thanks for the offer to take yours apart (mlistens03) but no need now. I really don't have the time to build a new one that's why I was wondering if anyone is still building them.
  • Oh and all the speakers are fine I tested them and they work as they should. thanks in advance for all your help.
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