TEAC AI2000 Distinction Series Integrated amp w remote,phono,box

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I am selling my TEAC AI 2000 Distinction Series integrated amp. This is a beautiful well reviewed integrated that puts out 125w/ch into 8 ohms and 180 w/ch into 4 ohm. it is dual mono design. it is pretty much the same thing as the Music Hall A70.2. The AI 2000 had 5 inputs including a set of balanced inputs and excellent MM phono section There is also a bypass for use with a home theater system It can handle two sets of speakers and has a headphone jack. Built like a tank and works perfectly. I would describe the sound as just slightly to the warm side of neutral and inviting. Compared to the Yamaha AS1000 I preferred this as it is more open and seems to swing a little more. Includes, original double box and packing, TEAC system remote, owners manual and, power cord. Asking $645 or BO Thanks



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    I picked up the 3000 from Zach and can vouch for the quality workmanship and sound. I believe Teac and Esoteric share some engineering cues.
    A very solid choice ... at this price point a no-brained. GLWTS!
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    This has been sold
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