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So I am starting my home theatre setup. I need some advice on speaker locations. As you can see in the picture I have a painted wall for my projection to use. Should I mount the two front side speakers in the projection area, or on the side walls. Also should i mount the front centre speaker in the screen area or below it? I have the polk inwall speakers and I plan to spray paint the screens flat white if they go in the projection area. Thanks for the help.



  • halenhalen Posts: 359
    I would not mount front right and left speakers on the side walls. They need to go in front.

    So your screen is paint on the wall right? If it is paint, also try using light gray to increase contrast. I think your screen size would need to be decreased to accommodate your inwalls. Not sure how it would look to have your speakers included in the overall picture, even painted.

  • FestYboyFestYboy Posts: 3,105
    I think you painted yourself into a corner (excuse the pun). If I were you, idea kick that CC up into the center of the screen area, matte black the area that is white and then stretch a sheet over the frame . Hiding speakers in the areas you propose won't hide them no matter what you paint them. Better yet would be to get some AT screen material, but I've been using a stretched bed sheet as a makeshift for a while and it works well (not great, but well).
  • bugdrybugdry Posts: 4
    I moves into the house and the aceeen was already painted on. The owners before me had a theatre set up. But they used towers. I cant because there is a small cold cellar off to the right side.

    Also i just cut into the screen area and i found there is chipboard about an inch back from the drywall.

  • bugdrybugdry Posts: 4
  • bugdrybugdry Posts: 4
    Ok the. Chipboard doesnt matter. Its just support.

    What if i might the side speakers on the walls. But make them angled out from the wall. Say about 30 or 45degrees?
  • halenhalen Posts: 359
    So let me get this straight. You still want to place your front left and right speakers on the side wall. Angle them? Now your right front speakers are aligned to your left by 30 degrees and left the opposite.

    You know what. Go for it. Perfect. Give an update how it works out for you.

    Now if you want to go with acoustically transparent screen, go Seymour. Buy just the screen and make your own frame. Place your center, right and left behind it. Done.
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