speaker baffles

i need help i got speaker baffles for some cheap aftermarket speakers because it came with the head unit but i just upgraded to the pionner a series speakers and idk if i should keep the baffles or take them off and the boom mate speaker baffles 2 6.5 and 2 6*9 and i have a 05 toyota corolla


  • exalted512
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    If your doors and rear deck are sound deadened, definitely remove the baffles. If they're not, it's kind of a toss up. Car audio drivers are made to work in an infinite baffle setup, but all the holes in a door/rear deck causes it not to be a true IB setup. But foam baffles aren't exactly great enclosures. Thought about trying it both ways before you put the panels back on to see what sounds better to you?
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  • PoweredByDodge
    I have mids in my truck doors that cost a week's pay. They have xs brand baffles. 10 or 15 bucks. Cheap. But they do their job, which is not to deaden or provide an enclosure, but rather is to keep water and anything else away from my speakers.
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