Braided wire sleeves



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    mikeyb128 wrote: »
    If you really want to get blingy

    I use these on my diy power cords.

    Just a heads up. Takefiveaudio will no longer be carrying ViaBlue cable sleeves once their existing inventory is depleted. I went ahead and ordered 100' of medium sized braid in the only 2 colors they had left. Have read really good reviews of the ViaBlue product. I asked but Takefiveaudio didn't really give an explanation why they were discontinuing it, just that it would be replaced with another product in the fall.
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    Braided wire sleeve is a wire?

    No, it's a covering. A more common version is called Techflex.
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  • I wish I had seen this post much earlier. I ordered some wire sleeve through Gina (correct pronunciation) and many weeks later, still waiting for delivery. I just HAD to have something unique and I couldn't find much variety in stock in the US.
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    Douglas Connection has some by Furez that looks really nice.
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