Need advice. Looking at RTA 15TL's or SDA SRS2



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    K_M wrote: »
    My opinion, neither set up would have been ideal.

    Honestly, if you are mostly doing Home theatre, a center and smallish Left and right speakers with a decent mid sized sub will perform better and be far more flexible and able to be adjusted to suit the room better.

    The Lsic as a center combined with Lsi9's as left and rights, with a sub is hard to beat.

    Damn, another thing we can agree on.
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    Both of those are local pickup only and in two different parts of the country. The second pair is not in the best shape.
    The first pair are the one you would definitely want!

    The first ones are sweet, vibes of JBL L300 with the glass tops. Would go perfect with the entertainment center. Unfortunately it's too away. The pair listed locally were $250. Grrr.
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