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    No good Nak stuff here, unfortunately.
    I have a Receiver One that was given to me by an erstwhile co-worker. Nice looking, hefty piece of hardware, but it suffered a lightning strike and one channel's power amplifier is nonworking. Preamp sections work, tho'.

    Also have a dump find OMS-7 CD player. It works fine, but is a bit beat up and, presumably, like most of those old Nakamichi CD players, the laser is on borrowed time.

    Couple of completely unremarkable Nakamichi two-head cassette decks rounds out the paltry collection here.

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    I almost bought a Nakamichi integrated a while back, but I didn’t know what Nakamichi was at the time, so I passed. It sounded really good though, and it was hooked up to a pair of speakers I also had never seen before, and I didn’t my inquire what they were for some reason. I remembered them having awesome sound stage, and they were really small. When I joined the forum I found out what they were: SDA CRS speakers, not sure which version. They were incredible! (To my untrained ear anyway)
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    I know we've gotten into Nakamichi's versus Yamahas but I have owned both and still do.

    The old "Stasis" Nak's sound GREAT. I've owned 2 of them. Not the huge ones, just the affordable ones. My newer Nak. AC-10 puts out some GREAT power and sound too. But there is a little button that shorts when pushed. The tone button! Pics. are from the web.

    I should gather all my newer Yamaha receivers together for a "total" picture count. Only one has a dim display issue. The rest play like new still.
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    That's not original Nak gear. That was produced after they were bought out. Not the same at all as the "Original" Nakamichi gear from the 70's thru the mid 90's.

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  • I wouldn't give up my Yammy amps. I always thought they were a very neutral amplifier. I like to let my speakers and source material do the talking.
  • Oh, and did I mention they go to 11?
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    I said AC-10. I meant RE-10. Just a model correction. That's all. ;)
    Most people just listen to music and watch movies. I EXPERIENCE them.
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    heiney9 wrote: »
    Yamaha = boring to me. The "M" amps were pretty over-hyped then, and still are, IMO. So were the pre's that went with them. I'd take a Nak CA-5 over a Yam C-70 any day.

    Natural Sound = lifeless and boring.

    I never connected with any Yammy stuff. Sold it for years because that's what people wanted back in the day. A sales commission is a sales commission, but personally I preferred Nakamichi, Luxman and Adcom of the day.

    Just my .02c since you asked


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    Current set up
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  • mn_polk_guymn_polk_guy Posts: 101
    My camera on the phone is blurry. But im currently running the m70 and c70. With the sdas the sub is a kef 10 inch. The mx630 and nad 1130 are on the left sda
    Monitor 4.6, 5jr, 5, 7, 10, 11. RTA 8TL. RTA 11T. SDA 2B.
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