Best USB and HDMI around $100?

I want to try a new USB and an HDMI for sound. Any recommendations? I want to see if I can get better sound from my DAC and Multi channel from my disc spinner.


  • rpf65rpf65 Posts: 2,002
    Probably the best entry level HDMI is either Audioquest Pearl or Forest.

    As far as USB, don’t really think there is any difference between reputable manufacturers. Then again I don’t use them for audio.
  • fbm211fbm211 Posts: 1,467
    I got good results from USB but optical SPDIF was much better
    SDA-2BTL with custom IC
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    Revelation Audio Labs Paradise cryo-silver ICs-Source to pre
  • afterburntafterburnt Posts: 5,427
    @fbm211 I never paid attention to those other outputs on my 2 channel because of their speed limit (rarely an issue if ever) but maybe I should.
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