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I have 95% polks at home, and bought a bunch back in 09, then some here n there, then a few more recently. I forgot log in, supplied email, it said password reset sent, but didn't get it really. I was trying to register new stuff, but under old log in. i know the site is different now and could have been purged then. Or maybe purged after warranty was up ? Dunno. You tell me. I was wanting to register the new, but still see the old. Is that possible still ? Especially for insurance purposes. Who has receipts from god knows when on items that one would not think to keep receipts on ? I am sure I can maybe dredge them up through old files or place of purchase history, unless they purged me too. lol.
So, do I have to start fresh or could I be resurrected ?
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    Polk's CS department should be able to sort this out, 1-800-377-7655 select option 1.
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