Polk Amp PA330 and PA660 - Speaker level input harness

Does anyone happen to know the pinout or layout of these two amps' molex connectors? Manual only references the line levels by color. Hell, even a color photograph of the line-level harness that someone owns would give me a good start.

I picked up a pair of PAC converters anyway... hell, it's totally possible the harness on them will fit right onto the Polk amps... who knows, but I figured I'd ask here.

LongAndShort: I Picked up a used 660 to run the front 4 channels and a 330 for the back two, no harnesses... saved a few bucks though. I already have the KW rms Directed Monoblock for when I figure out where i can fit subs in a WJ...

No rush on this, shipping cheapo and I gotta set up power distribution for all these amps first... and maybe cut some more sheetmetal just for fun >.>