Monitor 40 Crossover access and cap values?

shovel99shovel99 Registered UserPosts: 2
HI guys,
I have built speakers for years with some expensive drivers and ended up liking and buying several sets of Polk monitors. I tripped over a thread about replacing the caps in the XO's just in time: I was about to sell a whole range of quality caps for giveaway prices. First, how do I get access to the XO without wrecking the speakers, and what cap values do I need and how many per box? Other components like resistors need to be upgraded? Thanks! Shovel99


  • FestYboyFestYboy Posts: 3,124
    Went looking for the schematic... The monitor series (not M series) are not listed in the vintage section, so some exploratory surgery is in order.
  • shovel99shovel99 Registered User Posts: 2
    Thanks guys, sheepish grin, xo's right there behind binding post screws. I think i will just leave them as is. Is there a significant acoustic improvement in upgrading to TSI 200 model? Improved drivers or XO's? Thanks
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