Pioneer Elite 801 vs. 901. Atmos speaker recommendation to match SDAs.


I'm thinking of upgrading my receiver so I can pass-thru 4k signals and setup Atmos. I've had Pioneer/Pioneer Elite receivers in the past and will probably stick with the same brand since I'm familiar with it. I'm thinking about upgrading to either the SC-LX801 or SC-LX901. Compared to the 801, it seems like a huge jump in price to the 901 for very little gain (spec-wise). Sure, the 901 has two extra amps inside, but I'll probably be using a power amp to push my SDA-SRS fronts anyway, so those extra amps are unneeded. Does anyone have experience with the 801 and 901? It looks like I could save $500 by going with the 801 instead of the 901, leaving money for the next upgrade: Atmos speakers...

Does anyone have a suggestion on what small speakers would match SL2000 / RDO-194 tweeters? I was looking at SVS Prime Elevation speakers, but don't know how well they will blend with my other speakers. Other suggestions?




  • I had a similar issue. I'm running Atmos 7.4 with my Pioneer Elite SC-99. I have two SDA SRS1's up front and I have Polk MC60's for the ceiling install. I have two Yamaha M65's driving the big Polks.

    What I did for the surrounds was possible with some help from the members of this forum. I had two vintage Polk AB7's and I needed more. FestYBoy found a couple pair of AB700's for me and they are now part of my system.

    These have drivers similar to your towers. See if you can find either these or AB800's and you're set.
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    Thanks for the response, Polkster. Unfortunately, tthe AB700/800s won't work for me. My ceiling is vaulted, so they can't go in the ceiling. Also, I don't want them in-wall because the rear heights would be inside the adjoining bedroom wall (making it much louder in that room). So, I think my only solution is to surface mount them as front/rear heights, angled down towards the main listening position). I think that will work ok, since that is an approved Atmos configuration.

    Any other suggestions on surface-mounted speakers for Atmos heights? Thanks!
  • They might be a little bulkier than you'd prefer, but Monitor 4's and 5jr's are worth considering for side surrounds. Relatively easy to find as well.

    Height speakers for vaulted ceilings will be difficult to come by if you can't do a flush mount. Some of the Polk ceiling speakers have tweets that can be aimed. I otherwise struggle to come up with a solution. :(
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    How about M3’s or M5’s? Readily available on the auction site for as little as $75 a pair.
  • audio_alanaudio_alan Posts: 770
    Unfortunately, side surrounds are out of the question too. Front / rear heights are pretty much my only option if I want to setup Atmos.

    Monitor 4's or 5jrs would probably work great, except they are pretty heavy. Maybe M3s would be best due to their size. but I doubt they could handle reference level movie watching. I think I need a minimum of 100 or 120 watts power handling.
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    Hey Alan,
    What solution did you come to? I’m in a similar situation now.
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    Currently, I am using Polk RM 7500’s laying on their sides, on top of my 1.2TL’s. The angle is pretty good for reflecting sound off the ceiling. I have AB800 in-walls for the side and rear surrounds, and 4 AB700 in-ceiling speakers when I get around to installing them. They are the same vintage as the big Polks and are voice matched to them, but they are about as rare as hen’s teeth to find.
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