Panasonic or Pioneer Plasma

Anybody in the near NC area got a Panasonic or Pioneer Plasma you would like to sell?

Looking for top of the line models but may be interested in others.

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    I am thinking most Pioneers would be getting up there in years. And the ones many own are not being sold. Panasonics, maybe a bit easier to find since they were made longer and maybe sold a good bit more.

    Any interest in OLED?
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    May be interested in used OLED if the price is right.
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    Have you checked Facebook marketplace?
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    Na, I don't do Facebook bruh.
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    Na, I don't do Facebook bruh.

    Good for you, trust me you aren’t missing anything
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    What's a facebook?
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    How far are you willing to travel? There's a Kuro near me,...Northern Va, and a few 8500 series Samsungs. The 8500's nip the heels of the VT60 but just throwing that out there.
  • I have this KRP-600M , but I live North Texas lol

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