Why is the bass not as good as factory speakers?

Hi guys I'm new here.

I am a Auto Technician so I am very good at understanding some stuff BUT sound is not my specialty.

I just got a 1998 Civic as a project car for my kid and I. We are starting with the sound system. We are not going for crazy loud but we are going for quality and clear sound. First we got a Alpine head unit UTE-62BT this unit has 18 RMS x4 and it works great with the factory speakers but the highs were terrible. The next step were the speakers.

I got;

Polk DB+ DB6502 6-1/2" Component System for the front
Polk DB+ DB692 6" x 9" 3-way Speakers for the rear

I also got Speaker Baffles for the front and rear. I didn't make holes on them only for the wires.

I left the driver's speaker factory to compare (the only one not blown) and I noticed that the bass is WEAK on the Polk woofer on the right side compared to the factory left. I also noticed that the Polk woofer barely moves at max volume (before speaker distortion) while the factory speaker is going crazy. My guess is that the Polk woofer needs more power to be able to produce bass. I am not expecting to sound like a sub-woofer but at the very least BETTER that factory.

Don't me wrong here I love how the highs sounds, its super clear!!

I'm sure I would need a Amplifier but I am not sure what amp rating I sound get. the description for the front says that it handles up to 100 watts RMS for the front and 150 watts RMS for the rear. Is that per speaker? or combine?

What amp do I need?
100 RMS x4 4 channel amp?
150 RMS x4 4 channel amp?
50 RMS x4 4 channel amp?
75 RMS x4 4 channel amp?

Thank you

I have some pics of the front install.



  • stangman67stangman67 Posts: 1,280
    Nice looking install. This post may serve you better in the car audio sub forum. Even then most guys on here are Home audio gurus.

    I have background in car audio, the reason that the bass performance is not as good is

    a) HU power will never serve a good set of aftermarket speaker well.

    B) Factory speakers are designed to boost bass frequencies as there is no reasonable expectation that a subwoofer will ever be used, so the factory speakers have to "do it all". Aftermarket companies are focused on generally creating a more accurate speaker, IE one with a flat frequency curve. 6.5 inch drivers are not adept at creating bass frequencies and cannot dig down into the lower frequencies, so they are designed to create flat frequency response in the frequencies they can accurately reproduce. Aftermarket companies are expecting people that want loud bass will install a subwoofer. There are speakers that can create accurate midbass but will never bloat the bass like most factory speakers do

    Hope this helps,
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  • Thank you so much stangman67 I will post this there.
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