Marantz SA 8005 versus SA 15S2

I have been playing with a Marantz SA 8005 and have a SA 15S2 available to me. I would like to try it but am concerned. I do not want to find out that the SA15S2 is more laid back then the SA 8005. Some Marantz gear can sound like it is on Prozac and that does not do well with rock and blues. I am using a PM 15S2 integrated.
As I side note, I was using a VH audio flavor 4 9ga power cord (that i have used for many years) with both the PM 15S2 and a Marantz PM 8004 I found the 8004 while more congested was more alive. The PM 15 sounded almost lean and laid back lacking attack. Was thinking of sending it back. I then took a Flavor 2 12ga power cord and put it on the PM 15S2 and boom a lot darker background and more attack and body. Sounded more like the 8004 but more refined and open. Not as open as the flavor 4 but with the flavor 2 we now have attack and energy.

I should point out that in my opinion the PM 8003/8004 and 8005 have more of the traditional Marantz sound as does the PM 17SA. The 2 PM 15 units I have had an S1 and S2 catch one by surprise as they are a little leaner and faster. I have noticed that another owner pointed this out. There is the family sound but it is more modern??
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