Buy LSiM's and sell my SDA's?



  • ClipdatClipdat Posts: 6,605
    They are engineered quite well, aren't they?

    I mean if you have the disposable income, the deal they are running right now is tough to beat.
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  • FestYboyFestYboy Posts: 3,487
    I wonder how much the upper woofer's port tube resonates from the lower woofer's energy and if it is enough to distort the tune... Hmmm :*
  • mdaudioguymdaudioguy Posts: 4,972
    If the sole purpose of that room is HT, do it. You'll have a killer HT. >:)
  • ConradiclesConradicles Posts: 5,790
    Many of the deals are now on backorder. I have been on the fence too long.
  • Buy them now, if it fits your plan. Then decide which you like best. You'll probably decide to keep both! If not, you can eBay the LSiM (like many others are now) or sell off the SDA to someone looking to move into Hi-Fi.
  • ConradiclesConradicles Posts: 5,790
    Good point.
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