Polk audio Magnifi Max SR

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Three command needs to be added to the Polk Magnifi max SR.

The first one on the harmony hub. The two last one On the harmony hub and on the remote somehow.

1. Input change : On the soundbar itself , there is a unique button wich lets you change the input. Ex: if you press it two times it will be set to input 2 ( and you will see two light on the sound bar), if you press it 6 times it will be set to aux input ( and you will  see 6 lights on the sound bar). This command can be learned on another reote with the learning capacacity of the soundbar itselft... so there is a rf code for thi. It need to be added to the hamony commands

2. A command, wich goes directly to TV ARC ( 4 lights) input. Actually you can go to tv input ( 5 lights) if you press ''tv input'' . But if your setp use hdmi arc , you can't use the remote to directly go to Tv arc input.

The tv input is for people who are only using the opticall...Please add a command to directly go to tv arc input ( 4 lights on the sound bar)

3. Music mode : actually when you turn on the music mode . The sound will swtch between two mode. 1- no surround 2- with surround. 

IT would be very helpfull to have two different command to accès those two setthing . so one command for music mode  without surround, and one command with music mode with surround.

I am ready to buy a remote V2 just for thoses aditions.

Finally, i would like to disable the automatic TV arc input switching my soundbar goes in when I turn on my TV. This ruined my automatisation atttemps.



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