RTiA5 - Replacing Silver Feet "Outrigger"

My RTiA5 silver feet got damaged in a move. I have ordered replacement parts from Polk and they are on the way. However, I am not sure how to remove the feet and replace them. Please see the attached pictures. When looking at the bottom of the silver foot "outrigger" I can remove the one large screw, but then there are two smaller holes that I thought might be allen key screws. They are not. They appear to be some type of "rivet". The Polk help desk did not have a schematic on the speaker when I called and thought you could access it through the lower power port on the front, but when you unscrew that front piece, it slides out a bit, but cannot be removed. There is a round "donut" like shape against the cardboard roll on the back of the inside. It won't come out. So, how do I remove these two screws or rivets on the bottom piece? Any insight into this repair is greatly appreciated.bnxtyc78zx6v.jpeg
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