Magnifi mini Google home setup

The sound bar has needed to be "setup" 5 times in my Google app. The fifth time for some reason has rendered it unable to connect with or communicate with my Wi-Fi. I keep getting messages about it needing to be connected to cast, or getting messages about making sure ap is switched off and what not. Or even manually entering in my Wi-Fi password. No dice. Nothing is working.


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    I'm sorry to hear about your problem. I personally have no experience with that soundbar, but I'm sure someone will come along shortly to help.

    Welcome to the forum, and hopefully it gets figured out quick.
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  • Google setup crapped out my MagniFi Mini as well so I wanted to bump this thread. It was working fine until I attempted to set it up in my Google Home app where it appeared as a supported device. I made it to the test tone and then the setup failed and the sound bar ceased to make sound. I have tried hooking it up with optical, HDMI ARC and Auxilary on several sources and it won't make any sound. On HDMI ARC it does turn off the television's audio and allows the TV's audio to return when the sound bar enters standby mode. I've tried holding the wifi reset button and power cycling it. The unit won't make any noises at all, resetting it doesn't even make it beep. The LEDs indicate that it's still receiving signals from the menu panel and remote.
    I'm going to plug it into an ethernet cable overnight and hope that it phones home or gets an update pushed to it but nothing I've tried has made any difference. It's not even showing up in Bluetooth searches.
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    If you are still having a problem call Polk at 1-800-377-7655 and follow the prompts for soundbar assistance.
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  • Unit isn't repairable according to phone support, they're sending me a replacement.
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    I'm glad they were able to help.
    "And the house you live in will never fall down
    If you pity the stranger who stands at your gate" G.Lightfoot
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