Musical Fidelity V-link Asynchronous 24bit 96khz USB to SPDIF converter

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For sale is my Musical Fidelity V-link Asynchronous 24bit 96khz USB to SPDIF converter. This device is excellent for using between a computer/laptop and an amplifier that accepts digital input, or a DAC, and a must for 96khz Hi-Res Audio.

It bypasses the computer soundcard via USB, retrieving the music file that was requested to be played, and converting it into a digital signal that can be sent to your amplifier/DAC via either optical or coaxial cable. This means that the sound and timing is not coloured by the computer, and is sent unaltered to your amplifier/DAC, which can make impressive improvements in sound quality when the computer is taken out of the equation.

I have used this item for many years to get the best sound from my pc-stored audio library
asking $65 shipped
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