Definitive Technology SM350s'

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Man I'm glad I held onto these speakers !
Just had two good Craig's sales in less than a half hour, mainly my Klipsch KG 3.2's and that behemoth Cambridge Soundworks sub that I bought a few years back.
I also sold my Korg M50 Workstation keyboard last night and reclaimed the valuable real estate where my dormant recording studio once stood and replaced it with those monolith sized SVS MTS Towers.
In between those I placed a vintage stand upon which my kitchen system components now rest.
The Def Techs migrated to the living room Marantz system, paired with my new SVS 12" sealed sub.
That was one combination that I'd not tried before now and the outcome was quite pleasing to the ears !
Those Def Techs are cousins to Polk, with cast aluminum speaker baskets, high end crossovers, side firing 8" passives and a piano gloss finish, that sandwich the black tube sock surround coverings.
Anyway, I really like the way that they seem to disappear when you close your eyes and that no matter how loud you play them, they don't become harsh on the ears.
For their size (5 1/4" woofers) they really go down low.
The sub is set at 60 Hz and below.
I'm running the SVS's without a sub now and using them for my quiet evening listening.
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