Moody Blues - Ray Thomas

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My youngest son wanted a turntable an amp and a pair of Grado SR80 headphones for Christmas. I got him set up, gave a tutorial on how to handle records and let him explore my collection. He took a liking to the Moody Blues.

Yesterday we stopped by Trax On Wax in Catonsville where he bought a Moody Blues album. They really produced some great music. Today we read in the news that Ray Thomas, one of the founding members, passed away, just months before they are to be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. :'(

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    I was a big Moody Blues fan as well in their late '60's - early '70's days. Your son has good taste.
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    With some of the trash previously inducted, they should have been in a LONG time ago.
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    I'm shocked and appalled that they are only just now being inducted, this should have happened years ago.
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    Thanks for sharing, good for your son! When I visit my brother in Silver Spring, I'll have to stop in at Trax on Wax. No trip planned yet though. :/
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