TL Modding a set of Monitor 10Bs

I finally decided to TL mod my Polk Monitor 10 dumpster finds.

After I finished modding one speaker I noticed that I replaced the 2.0ohm resistor with another 2.0 ohm resistor and NOT with a 2.7ohm resistor per the schematic. I replaced the 2.7ohm resistor with a 3.0ohm due to the inductors low DSR per westmassguys thread.

Do I need to order a set of 2.7 ohm resistors ASAP or can I continue with the 2.0ohm resistor?
Speakers: Polk Audio SDA 1C, SDA SRS-2 (fully modded), Monitor 4A, Infinity RS-6b and Infinity Kappa 8.
Amplifiers: Carver TFM-25 (x2), Adcom GFA 555 and a Dynaco ST-70
Pre: Carver C-1, Adcom GFP 710, Adcom GFP 555
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