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  • gp4jesusgp4jesus Posts: 1,508
    Welcome to the "OTJ" thread ? :o

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  • Mr_HzMr_Hz Posts: 176
    As they say in the car world, 'there's no replacement for displacement.' Go large or go home... basically. Find what fits your max fitment area, and nothing smaller... or you'll be disappointed. Sure, it'll cost a bit more, but you'll be happier in the end.

    Currently - I finally hung/fired up a Panasonic Viera 55" plasma to take over duties from a 42" model. Above my fireplace I'm certain I can squeeze in a 65" OLED 4K model... so that is what I'll shoot for when the time is right.

    Always go 'super sized'... it's the Ah-merican way!
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  • BlueFoxBlueFox Posts: 13,530
    Never put a TV over the fireplace. Aside from looking tacky as s**t, the screen should be level with your eyes.
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  • mdaudioguymdaudioguy Posts: 5,137
    BlueFox wrote: »
    Never put a TV over the fireplace. Aside from looking tacky as s**t, the screen should be level with your eyes.

    Agreed, in principle, however, it seems some rooms in newer houses are designed such that that's the only reasonable place for a TV. IMO, it can be done adequately, only if the TV is sufficiently far enough from the seating position so as to avoid neck cramps. YMMV

    P.S. I am generally not in favor of mounting above a fireplace, but sometimes there's no better option.
  • Airplay355Airplay355 Posts: 4,294
    We got it doubly bad in the house we bought. The tv was meant to be above a fireplace in a room with 25 foot ceilings. What happened to having a tv room? We’ve got it upstairs away from the main living space. I wouldn’t be able to stand the echos from the high ceilings. We were at least lucky that the Wall was flat above the fireplace and we covered up the outlets and such with artwork. I’m not sure how we would cover up one of those giant indents meant to house a TV and equipment.

    Fireplace TVs and surround bars rule now.

  • dragon1952dragon1952 Posts: 4,736
    We recently moved and during our house hunting I was amazed at how many houses didn't have an obvious place for a large TV in the LR other than above the fireplace. I've always hated that but that's what we ended up doing, even though we did have one decent wall , but since it's basically one large continuous space including kitchen, dining area, LR we needed that wall for furniture that otherwise would have had to go to far out into the room making the LR look too small. The family room is huge but downstairs and I'm not going down there to watch TV.
    Most of the houses seemed to have the TV's in a corner or above the fireplace, by necessity. The builders seem to design these LR's as if everyone just sits and stares at the fireplace and drinks tea.
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