2000 Year speaker capacitor replacement?

Hi folks. New to the forum. I have mostly questions and few answers. :-)

My home theatre speakers that I bought new in 2000 are RT800i. CS245i and RT25i.

They are in pristine condition as they have barely been used, and never used hard.
I love to tinker and I am proficient in circuit board soldering.

Can these speakers benefit from a capacitor upgrade?

If so, what brand and type is recommended?



  • Did I post this is the wrong forum? Thanks
  • Thanks Fnut. How deep do they have to be? Can I make a substantial improvement for $30-40 per speaker?
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    No, it is unlikely you will be able to buy anything but replacement electrolytics in that price range. The minimum I would recommend is the house brand at PartsExpress. Sonicaps if you want to splurge.
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    Oh, and I'd recommend you invest in the front soundstage where it matters, and leave the rears alone for now.
  • Just for the record. I wasn't just a lazy sob. I did read the archives before posting. not just on this site but also others. many argue there is little difference between a $8 cap and a $30 cap and yes, some say they are worlds apart. I wouldn't know. I've never done this before and I don't have a keen ear for what's right and what's wrong. I just want to "refresh" the speakers. I know that caps dry out. I didn't read anywhere that resistors should be done but I am open minded.

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    F1nut wrote: »
    Here's a little reading for you.


    Amazing resource. Thank you.

  • Yes it is an amazing resource. if only I spoke that language. lol.

    So, my take and you guys can correct me if I am wrong is that some caps aren't necessarily better than others but more or less, they yeild different results.

    This leads me to believe that I shouldn't use the same brand cap for highs and mids????? The problem is, where the hell does a guy start with that large of a selection?

    If I post pics of the crossovers, can you guys offer me guidance?
  • that was from my center channel. is that worth doing and where do I start? Thanks.
  • having trouble identifying one resistor, is the 5w1Ω5j a 1 ohm ? Also, can I substitute a 12 watt resistor for this 5 watt resistor? thanks
  • So is this a good start for center channel? 5t8yqi5288pf.png
  • Ok so do I pick a few more dozen brands until you say I picked the right one or are you gonna help me out here? Lololol
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    Agree with F1 again. If on a tight budget, the Parts Express Dayton Audio line has given me decent results. I redid a Monitor 5 set a couple of years ago with them as I did not want to put too much money into them, and am very happy with the results. Another option is to use a higher quality cap for the tweeter section and a more economical option for the lows. You would need to find out what caps are in the tweeter section to do that. For instance, use Sonicap for the tweeter caps and Dayton for the lows.
  • I'm assuming the 10mfd cap is for the tweeter. that would give it around 2000hz.

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    Guys, here is the crossover for the RT800i. I thought there would be more caps.
    the one cap is a 27mfd. what is the yellow thing? (9.0J 100v)? is that the tweeter cap? Is it 9mfd?
  • zc8sgc00o7qc.jpeg

    Sorry here are pics
  • 9uf for tweeter?
  • my center channel tweeter is 10uf.

    My tower speakers tweeter is 9uf.

    I can only get 10uf from my local clarity cap supplier. can i use 10uf for my center and tower speaker?

  • or 5.6 + 3.3 for 8.9?

    If the tweeters on the center channel are 10mfd, would it not be better to use 10mfd on the towers???? I just don't know.
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    I'll will look for some pics, but I believe I used the clarity caps on my rt800's a few years back. The fitment was tight and I think I had to change the height of the circuit board just slightly to get everything back inside.
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