Monitor 4 Crossover

Single or pair in good working condition for the original 4 with Peerless tweeters.


  • FestYboyFestYboy Posts: 3,815
    Not to potentially de-rail the thread, but I suspect you'd be better off rebuilding the XO with new caps rather than using another old pair that are frankly hard to come by due to the relatively low production numbers. Just a thought.
  • kevinkokevinko Posts: 157
    Unfortunately that's not an option.
    There is one on eBay so I was trying my luck at finding a match here.
    A pair would be ideal but yes, hard to come by.
  • I have a pair that are in anything but good condition. They were in a pair of beat up Monitor 4's I got for nothing once. The tweeters were the only thing salvageable from them. I still use the one that has MW leads to test if other Polk MWs are working, or I would have tossed these too.

    Basically, the fuse leads were clipped and the little chunk of epoxy board that had been used to hold the solder joints was removed on both. The stock hookup wire had been removed and replaced with some garbage speaker wire that was corroding within its jacket (you can still see some of that on the one on the right). The one in the pic with some hookup leads (on the left) was me **** around with quick disconnects I had lying around just to try to get something I could hook up and play with to see if it worked. Admittedly not pretty. The other one I didn't even bother with because the entire speaker was so shot and the inductor to MW connection was clipped entirely and tape on the inductor broken. I'm not sure how much the inductor had unwound, but the coil around the cup seemed loose.

    Anyway, if you want them, I'll mail them to you free on board. The one I jury-rigged leads onto seems to work fine. You'd probably want to redo those connections. The other one I can't vouch for as I've never tried it, so I'd recommend you still get the one on ebay if you have an application that needs them.

    Here's an original thread where I was trying to figure out what to do with these in case you're interested:
  • kevinkokevinko Posts: 157
    Yikes. I think I'll pass... but thanks for the offer!
  • Can't say as I blame you... some things just aren't worth the hassle. Good luck with the search!
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