Upgrade RM85 speakers

Considering OWM5 for front left and right. What would be a good center speaker to use with them? Our speakers are used for TV surround sound, not music.

Current speaker setup: RM8 center, RM8 wedge front left and right, RM7 front high presence, and RM7 side surround. Haven't been running back speakers, because couch is against back wall (separation between living room and kitchen).

My thoughts are: replace RM8 front L&R with OWM5's, maybe replace RM8 center (?), move RM8 to front high presence position, use RM7 pair in back position (one foot below ceiling and directed towards ceiling), and maybe replace RM7 side surround with OWM3.

Planning to set this up to run traditional 7.1, as well as 5.1.2. New receiver determine whether to run 7.1 or 5.1.2. TSR-7810 will swap between speaker modes as needed.

Had been running a POLK RM85 speaker package (with extra pair of RM7 satellites) and a PSW111 sub with an Onkyo 7.1 receiver for the past several years. Onkyo receiver recently quite. Tried to skip getting another receiver by using a Yamaha ATS-1070 soundbar with PSW111 sub connected to it, but I miss having 7.1 sounds from a real receiver. https://costco.com/Yamaha-ATS-1070-35%22-2.1-Channel-Soundbar-with-Dual-Built-in-Subwoofers.product.100370479.html

Ordered this Yamaha TSR-7810 from Costco while it was on sale a few days ago for $399. https://costco.com/Yamaha-TSR-7810-7.2-Channel-Network-AV-Receiver.product.100308760.html


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    Ordered the following: CS10 center, one pair TSi200, and two each OWM5.

    Will install as follows:
    CS10 front Center
    TSi200 front Left & Right
    Move RM8 to front high presence position
    OWM5 surround left & right
    Move RM7 to back left & right (until a better pair of back speakers can be purchased)

    Bought new furniture. Wife and installed reclining loveseat for our seating when watching TV. Our ears are approximately 20" from back wall. The RM7's in back position will only be used in the back position temporarily.

    Future back speaker upgrade:
    Considering OWM 5's or OWM 3's
    In-wall Polks
    In-ceiling Polks

    Any suggestions for new back speakers?

  • tripntstripnts Posts: 3
    UPDATE: After running YPAO, I went into speaker/manual setup/configuration and changed the speakers to small, but I only guessed at the Hz crossover. All speakers are POLK.
    RM8 front presence, YPAO set them to small 160Hz
    TSi200 front l & r, changed them to small and selected 80Hz
    CS10 center, changed to small and selected 80Hz
    OWM5 surround, changed to small and selected 100Hz

    The PSW111 continues to work, but I'm seriously considering a larger sub.
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