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Hello Family, since I'm the new guy please don't laugh at this question. I have purchased the T series speakers...T50x2...T30... 2 sets of T15, & 1 PSW10... along with a Pioneer VSX1131 Receiver. My man cave is L shaped and the long side is 15 wide x 33 long x 8 high and the short (pool table) side 15x13x8. My question is do they make anything so I can have 1 set of my T15 wireless? If so where do I look?


  • txcoastal1txcoastal1 Posts: 9,966
    Denon's Solution Series DN-202 wireless transmitters and receivers
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    I was in a similar situation such as you. The Rocketfish Universal Wireless Rear Speaker kit from best buy fit my needs for surround and surround back needs. I bought the open box one as its 25% off.

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