Do you really enjoy headphones?



  • I have Monsters i use for air travel and when in my diesel truck because they block out most exterior noise and they have a very good noise cancelling mic for phone calls
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  • halohalo Posts: 4,595
    I have the Massdrop Sennheiser HD6XX paired to my MAC. The MAC connects to a USB DAC to a Massdrop O2 headphone amp to the HD6XX. That’s the best sounding setup I have for headphones but I really like my V-Moda Crossfade 2 Bluetooth headphones with aptX for late night listening to Netflix and YouTube so I don’t disturb my wife. They work very well for my commute on public transportation and I’m never worried that they’ll be damaged since they’re so rugged.
  • steveinazsteveinaz Posts: 18,492
    Never been a headphone guy. I mean, they sound GREAT, but I just prefer speaker listening.
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  • oldrockeroldrocker Posts: 2,002
    Only at the gym.

    Funny this time of year all the people who sign up fro New Years stare at me with mine on, not ear buds I mind you.

    I swear some of these people have never seen anything except ear buds...
  • verbverb Posts: 4,444
    For me, and the Mrs, only for travel. We have a set of Bose QC 15's and a B&O Beoplay H9's.
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    I don't think my wife likes them because once I took a set and my Ipod to a family function without my wife knowing.

    When I pulled them out I got one of those REALLY BAD looks from her... :o

    They never made it out of the car.... :s
  • K_MK_M Posts: 1,132
    Love them at times.
    Have a couple older vintage ones from Koss, that are still quite listenable.

    What is remarkable, is hearing things you do not "notice' with regular speakers.
    I mean its there with speakers, but with Phones, you really hear everything!

    Older recordings though, I notice often dropouts from the master tape for a split second and other anomolies at times.
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  • codycatalistcodycatalist Posts: 1,831
    Like mine so much I upgraded em lol...

    Added a HK preamp and a Little Dot tube headphone amp w vintage tubes!

    Source is still iPhone (for now) or tablet.

    Looking at Tidal or using a mini computer as a source


    Those Little Dot 1+ are a fun amp! I have mine paired with some Philips L2s with the same GE NOS tubes. Sounds fantastic to me.
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  • DawgfishDawgfish Posts: 2,536
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    Headphones have their place with me. Have a pair of Philips Fidelio X1 powered with a vintage Marantz 2220B receiver paired with a Sonagraphe SG-3 turntable with Ortofon 2M Black cart and LG-V35 phone with built-in hi-res dac for a home headphone rig. For work I use either a Sennheiser HD-595 or 1More Triple Driver in-ears paired with a Chinese headphone amp and LG-V35 while playing Tidal. A Little Dot 1+ or Schiit Valhalla will be on the way soon.

    I do enjoy listening to headphones especially when I don't have time to warm up the all-tube main rig or when I have guests over and can't play the main rig at night. Having said that I do prefer to listen to the main rig over the headphone setups when I can.

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