Magnifi MINI with choppy sound

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I've search the forums and it doesn't seem like anyone is having my exact issue, hoping I can get an opinion on the matter-

Just today hooked up a brand new Magnifi Mini and was very happy with the sound. I tested Bluetooth and Chromecast first - no issues at all.
Then I tested PS4 and immediately noticed the sound was very choppy. Every few seconds the sound would drop (please note the power would never turn off) for just a blip of a moment. Very annoying. I had it connected via HDMI ARC and figured it might be the different manufacturer and firmware (TV is a Sony), I tried an optical connection and haven't been able to get sound going to the mini, so I can't say it works any better, the auxillary works, thank God, but it obviously is limiting in surround sound capability. I really would prefer the HDMI ARC connection, but have no idea why the sound is so choppy? Firmware is updated to v20 and I followed the manual for connecting it to the TV with power to devices off first.

Is this just the way it is? I either have 2.0 sound, or I have to buy a new TV for the hdmiarc to work? Return the device and buy something trouble free? I'm at a loss, I was really looking forward to being a proud owner of Polk, but the choppy sound is awful.

Thanks for any help, again, sorry if this is redundant, but I haven't been having the same issues as what I've seen on the forum, ie, the power cutting out, having to plug and unplug for connecting the device... That's all been a breeze, just the actual audio from the TV. Man I hope there's a fix.
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