for the umpteenth time saw Tuna

Unfortunately I have Nothing positive to say about this show what so ever. A real mid week snooze fest piled on w/ a horrendous sound system in a large theater makes for a bad show. As you guys know I have seen them many times and I can say this possibly was the worst effort they mustered in a long time. Steve Kimock a Bay Area favorite was barely audible and I still don't know how he stands as a guitar player. Tunes were hard to discern what the eff they were and very short set times ending exactly on the hours. I had time enough to get home and catch the Thursday Night FB game which was more exciting on tv then the live show I just left. I wonder what Jorma will post in his blog if he even attempts to mention the place at all. Sound was just as bad for Dave Mason so I will Never go back to The Paramount Theater in Asbury Park ever again. A real waste of cash and gas and not to mention being deflated like the cheap balloon disappointing as this show was. A kin to a slow G Dead show of old w/ adding a horrible sound system to boot.....Lew
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  • dromundsdromunds Posts: 7,313
    Hmmmmm. That’s too bad. About a week ago I ordered a pair of tickets for Jorma solo in February. Hope it’s not like that. Seen him and Tuna many times always good shows.
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