Here's a pic of my riding headphones..............

that come with their own helmet !
I built this rig for those long rides in the country and highway use.
The elements were pirated from an old pair of Seinheisers and hot glued into the ear pockets.
I experimented with different amounts of polyfill stuffing inside the ear cups to get the best bass responce.
The music comes from an old iPod shuffle, which makes the system easy to operate, by just reaching in back and pushing play.
I put 263 of my favorite 60's, 70's and 80's tunes in there.
it sounds amazing !


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    Man, that was pretty inventive how you pulled that together.
    I disabled signatures.
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    Paint it white and you've got a Spaceball! Beeps, sweeps and creeps included.
  • The hardest part of that project, was soldering those tiny wires from the ends of that stereo headphone extension cord that I cut down in length to the Seinheiser transducers.
    I then had to thread the wires in between the helmets liner and shell without breaking the solder joints off.
    The female external jack is held in place by a self stick velcro piece that I wrapped around the barrel, then stuck the receiving end onto the helmet shell.
    Same with the iPod, just a square piece of velcro on the unit and the helmet.
    It's worked now for about ten years.
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    What does the inside look like?
  • I'd take a picture for you, but the helmet's 30 miles away in storage with my bike.
    The inside looks stock, but instead of empty ear cups, there's now a perferated velour type cloth screen that's hot glued around the backside of the trannsducers.
    You can see a bit of the glue, but not when it's on my head. (heh heh)