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Well, since my last post here, I've gone through quite a few changes in audio gear.
I ended up with a couple of systems that I'm quite happy with.
It all started with the sale of my Polk Monitor's (5's & 5 Jr.s) , which led me down a long road to find something that I liked as much as what I'd already had. (heh heh)
I saw an ad for the KEF LS50's (in white) and remembered how much I enjoyed my old Q10's, so I bought them online for a tidy sum.
Then came the Marantz PM8005 integrated amp, paired with a Marantz 6004 CD player
I picked up an old pair of roman column garden stands for the KEFs and though they looked quite regal, unfortunately my room just doesn't work for speakers that require that you place them 6 ft away from the wall to sound good.
While I was trying to fall in love with the LS50's, I answered an ad for a pair of Definitive Technology speakers with matching stands for 150 bucks for my kitchen set up.
I'd never heard of the company name, which sounded like a white van special.
They were anything but and soon became my favorite after pairing them with an SVS sub and my old Yamaha Natural Sound receiver.
These mirror image speakers are two way, 5.25" woofers with titanium dome tweets and a side firing passive radiator. (very Polk like)
Then came another ad from this guy that sells very decent used gear about an hour away from me.
He invited me over to his place for a day of audio pron in his three rooms full of gear and we ended up swapping my little KEF's for his 42" tall SVS cherry wood towers (that weigh 75 Lbs each)
He even delivered them.
I have them hooked up to the Marantz system with my refridgerator sized Cambridge Soundworks sub and all is well again in audioland.
I really like both systems, though they sound totally different.
The Marantz/SVS is very revealing and the Yamaha/Definitive's very forgiving and easy on the ears.


  • Could be Polk like as they are basically a sister company :)

    Sandy Gross either started them or was head of design I believe. Glad you have found balance in your system.
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    Yup... The Audio world is full of Joyful things.

    I'm also glad you're happy with what you're listening to or should I say through.

    Most people just listen to music and watch movies. I EXPERIENCE them.
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