subwoofage -- poised to be gettin' real :-)



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    Look at the Fs of an Altec 604E some time ;)

    Plus, don't forget -- there's an On/Off switch on the subwoofer plate amp.
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    You got switches
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    mhardy6647 wrote: »
    Look at the Fs of an Altec 604E some time ;)

    Plus, don't forget -- there's an On/Off switch on the subwoofer plate amp.


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    man, tough room tonight -- all y'all're just jealous.

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    Anybody who puts sub(s) in a two channel is OK in my book. The room decides, mhardy abides.....

    Don't you need a license for that weapon? :)
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    So -- bear in mind the only subwoofer I've ever actually owned was a cheap, 'buyout' special from PartsExpress from years back:

    10" "100 watt" Atlantic Technology brand ported subwoofer. The cool thing about it, to me, was a continuously variable "phase" control. Seemed a little more potentially useful than 0/180 degrees in the real world.

    Said subwoofer was capable of fairly prodigious thump, but largely of the one-note kind.

    The new toy is, for lack of better description, far more musical. Capable of some articulation and nuance... but also of great thump. This, mind you, is with the "250 watt" (@ 4 ohm) Class (D or whatever) P/E plate amp with DSP that I got for my birthday :)

    I am pretty happy with it.

    38343492471_963491fc9c_h.jpgDSC_9780 (3) by Mark Hardy, on Flickr
    (note my fine hand crafted cabinet for the plate amp!)

    Now I have to find a good home for the "Atlantic" subwoofer.

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    What sort of Mad Scientist-esque device do you have on top of the hamper-looking speaker?
    I will be mailing you a black power cord for that plate amp. Pearl, bisque, beige has no business in anyone's home.
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    I have black cords -- I thought about boiling some down and reclaiming the pigment to make a crude black paint. I could be rich, I tell you, rich beyond my wildest dreams! Hahahahahahahahahaaaaaaaa!!


    Here's an embarrassing confession. That is not even the same cord as the one in the earlier photos. I have two of those "orchard tan" (Apple computer colored) cords. This one in the latter photo was the one that was plugged into the erstwhile subwoofer. I do not remember why I didn't use the black cord that the (black) erstwhile subwoofer came with. Maybe it didn't come with one.

    I think I have been using a tan, beige, or grey power cord on your Reduction during its long captivity, come to think of it. Maybe it's an ecru cord. I'd have to check.

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    Oh, the thing on the left?
    It's the cure for the Common Clip Lead. Partial cure, actually, since I don't actually technically own the Goertz foil inductors in those XOs -- so I thought it'd be kind of rude to go solderin' 'em into my XOs, you know? :|

    I actually thought I'd posted the photos/story here, but (if I did) I cannae find 'em. Maybe I posted them in an electric car thread, thinking "EV" meant "Electrovoice" instead of "Electric Vehicle". The latter, of course, is synonymous with "Deleted Thread". ;)

    37629795824_0ff460c13c_b.jpgDSC_9782 (3) by Mark Hardy, on Flickr

    I am down to two residual (atavistic) clip leads. Actually, only one clip lead -- and one disembodied alligator clip, used to hold a stripped wire end in good, tight contact with the inductor foil at one end.

    All strictly audiophile grade... the slotted angle iron, too.

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