RC85i vs MC85?

What's the difference between the RC85i and MC85? They look to be very similar speakers, but the crossover design is different?

I have a set of MC85s in my basement as my rear speakers, but I'm looking to upgrade a set of cheap in-walls in my family room.

What's better - RC85i or MC85? Also, is it worth considering the V85s?



  • Haven't heard the old RC series but I have heard the SC series which is very similar to the MC series and they are good bang for the buck. But the V series is a good step up for just a little more. Looks a lot better as well (being part of the Vanishing series with its magnetic grille).

    If you can go with the V85, definitely go with that.
  • Just purchased a set of MC85's have not hooked them up yet. The crossover, tweeter, and woofer appear to be higher quality as well as the price is higher. I do have 2 sets of RC85i's installed as middle and rears and they are decent. Wanted something a little better for new bigger space that the MC85's will be installed in. And for the price Amazon is selling the MC85's (priced individually) they are not much more than what I paid for the RC85's years ago.
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