Soooooo -- anyone know anything about "James Model Six" subwoofer amplifier(s)?

A pair of them followed me home from NEAR-Fest today. Both guaranteed not to work :) but the price was right.

One pops the mains fuse, the other doesn't but is reputed 'not to pass signal'. Both have been... fiddled with :/

I figure the most likely thing to do is reuse the enclosure (of one), and maybe the p/s (beefy toroidal PT -- dunno the secondary voltage... yet), perhaps to house a generic modern subwoofer amp board...

but, if there were any hope of resurrecting one of them, I figured it was worth at least asking about them.

They certainly looks simple but purposeful.


borrowed photos...



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    If he's gone through 5 models and still hasn't gotten it right...
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    -- some photos of the innards of one that hasn't been molested could be helpful :)
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