One of my 550 subs stopped working and on checking discovered the leads to the driver cone were severed. Nice people on this forum have advised it was over-driven. So someone was over-enjoying the sub in my absence I guess. It is on a UPS so power surge perhaps may not be the cause. I do not have a Polk dealer where I am located and I want to direct a friend in NJ to acquire the driver for me. I have emailed customer service with zero feedback.

Some resistors also show signs of discharge. Where can I get replacement parts? Driver & perhaps board?
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    It's always best to CALL Polk Customer Service :/

    For assistance or replacement of Polk Audio products

    Call: 1.800.377.POLK (7655) Option 1
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  • Hello @Kalito, we do have the driver and amplifier board available. To order please call us at 800-377-7655 option 1.
  • Hi Ken, how much would I be looking at for a new replacement 11092 05-a Rpbf 00809 Pcb board please?
  • Looking at the photo mine has gone in exacily the same place - is there an issue with these boards?
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    Do you realize you are replying to a two year old thread, and Ken is no longer here.
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