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Up for sale is a pair of Infinity MTS Towers including the subwoofers and center speaker. These speakers are the best speakers Infinity produced during the Harman era which were the brainchild of infamous speaker designer and engineer, Floyd Toole. Originally retailed for 10k when they were released, they're a bargain on the used market today. The sound quality is excellent and the image like none other due to their very thin baffles. If you have room for these beasts, I'm sure you'll be amazed.

All drivers work excellently and have no issues with the amps or any of the drivers. There are cosmetic defects shown in the pictures due to just moving around and so forth. To note, the RCA's have broken on both the speakers in the same however this won't be an issue for most who will just use the speaker level inputs (binding posts). Grilles are included, i just think they look better without. I also have the Rabos kit.

Due to size, local pick up in Garden Grove, CA only
. Shipping is out of the question due to size and weight. Any Polkie is more than welcome to come by and have a listen even if you aren't interested in buying. These were my dream speakers when I was a wee lad and am selling because I honestly don't have the space or gear to take advantage of these.

Asking 2200 for the towers and center.

Infinity Prelude MTS Speakers
Description: Modular four-way moving-coil loudspeaker (three-way tower with powered subwoofer).

Prelude MTS tower: Drive-units (all ceramic-aluminum matrix): 1" dome tweeter, 3*"-cone midrange, four 5*"-cone midbass. Crossovers: 300Hz, 2kHz, 24dB/octave. Frequency response: 80Hz-22kHz, ±3dB; 100Hz-20kHz, ±1.5dB. Nominal impedance: 4 ohms, ±1dB. Sensitivity: 90dB/2.83V/1m. Power requirements: 25-500W.
Dimensions: 37" H by 6*" W by 7*" D. Weight: 32 lbs.

Prelude MTS powered subwoofer: Drive-unit: 12"-cone ceramic-aluminum matrix. Maximum amplifier output: 850W continuous, 2600W peak (into 8 ohms, 20-100Hz, <0.1% THD). Frequency response: 23-80Hz, ±3dB; 30-80Hz, ±1.5dB. Crossover frequency: 80Hz.
Dimensions: 20" H by 9*" W by 20*" D. Weight: 60 lbs.

Prelude MTS System: Frequency responses: 23Hz-22kHz, ±3dB; 30Hz-20kHz, ±1.5dB. Impedance: 4 ohms, ±1dB. Sensitivity: 90dB/2.83V/1m. Recommended amplifier power: 25-500W. Second- and third-order harmonic distortion: 20Hz-20kHz at 95dB SPL, ±1%. Crossover frequencies: 80Hz, 300Hz, 2kHz, 24dB/octave.

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