Magnifi Mini wont power on with tv through HDMI-ARC

Hi, I have a LG 65UH625 TV and a Polk Magnifi Mini soundbar, I would like to control the soundbar through HDMI-CEC (ARC). It works fine, with turning of with the tv, volume up and down works fine also. But it wont turn on with the tv, using the tv-remote.
What can I do to change this?


  • same problem!! did you solve the problem?
  • I've got the same problem. I have an LG OLED 55C7P, both the TV and the Magnify Mini (firmware v20) are on the latest firmware. The mini is connected via HDMI arc, i have a FireTV also plugged into the TV configured to support CEC. I'm seeing a similar issue.

    I use the LG remote and the TV and Polk power offer.

    I use the LG remote to power on the devices.
    TV powers on
    Polk remains off

    While in this state, I manually power on the Polk.
    The orange light appears while dolby content is playing, should be green.
    - Sometimes sound will come out, many times it does not.
    -- In order to remedy this, I must pull the power cable from the polk, and plug it back in, then everything works again, Dolby Sound is detected.

    Is there a troublesome setting on the TV causing the issue?
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