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Hello everyone,
I have some questions about some equipment I am finally getting around to hooking up. Im running four B&K Reference amps and a Marantz pre/pro. Im just getting around to replacing my Monster HTS 3500 power conditioner with the Monster Pro 7000 power conditioner and a Monster AVS 2000 voltage stabilizer. One of the B&K 200.5 amps will be running four Kinergetics SW800 sub towers which house 5 10" subs in each tower (2 in the rear).The other three amps will be running the other 13 HT speakers. My question is, do I plug power conditioner into the wall and power the stabilizer off the conditioner or should it go the oposite way? Also do I plug all the amps into the stablizer and the rest of my components into the conditioner? Also read that it is recommended to run
one stabilizer per amplifier. Is this true? Some insight on how to condition and stabilize all of this equipment will be greatly appreciated.
Thank you.8mk5agwoeb5v.jpg


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    This is all you need.342w8w7spr99.jpg
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    Monster power products are pretty bad. Look into installing a SurgeX whole house device and call it a day.

    On another note, that room is hard. A large area rug would go a long way in helping with that.
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    F1nut wrote: »
    On another note, that room is hard. A large area rug would go a long way in helping with that.
    And it would help hide the fact that the ceramic tile came from 2 distinctly different dye lots. HAHAHAHA
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    Normally, from the wall outlet you have the stabilizer, then the conditioner. Like already stated though, Monster isn't exactly well thought of, many others do the job better. Problem with monster and some others is that they limit current, plugging an amp into them isn't the best idea. Normally plug amps straight into the wall or to a power conditioner that doesn't limit current.

    That said, just an observation from the cheap seats......you have a lot of stuff in what appears to be a smallish room. Plugging in all this stuff and your probably on the same 15 amp circuit, your bound to get ground loop noise, not to mention starving 4 amps plugged into the same circuit. Is that why your adding the power conditioners ?

    Also, those front left and right speakers are way too close together, try and get about 6-7 feet between them.
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    tonyb wrote: »
    Also, those front left and right speakers are way too close together, try and get about 6-7 feet between them.

    @tonyb The first set of speakers are actual a set of his subs. Each tower is 4 x 10" drivers.

    So the picture goes:

    Front Wide Left | Front Left | Sub | Center | Sub | Front Right | Front Wide Right


    I also second Jesse's point about a whole home surge protector, with the HOPE that your not renting, as otherwise you probably cant do that so easily :smile:. I used to run (and still do) some APC H15's for my gear. I had everything but my amps on them to protect them from surge and brownouts.

    I still have those, but I had a super awesome pal (@lightman) who installed a whole home surge protector for me at my breaker. Which protects everything in my house, with the exception of the phone line coming into my Uverse box (which I am getting a surge protector for as well).

    If nothing else, your amps need to plug directly into the wall, bypassing the voltage regulation and surge protection. My B&K 200.5 tripped my APC H15 unit and when it did it took out a channel of my amp. You've got a TON of amps, so they really need to be run directly off the wall, and ideally, if your not renting, off a couple dedicated circuits.

    Thats the single best upgrade I've done is to have @lightman help me install 3 dedicated 20 amp circuits for my HT. Was a PITA and took most of the day, but the result has been worth it.

    I have my B&K on its own circuit, all my source gear + TV on its own circuit, and then both my Crown XLS2000's share their own circuit.

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