Squeezebox Touch and Spotify

So it seems that Spotify is no longer supporting Squeezebox. Tried to fire it up on my Touch today and it's gone. Can't say since when since I mostly use Spotify in the car to preview possible purchases. Looks like there might be a workaround in the forums but it's all gobbledygook to me. Any help is appreciated
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    I no longer have a squeezebox, but I actually still use the server to feed my amazon fire tv through a third party app. Listening now, works great. But I only use Tidal and my personal flac collection. However, back when I used Spotify there were two apps: the official app and a third-party app. The official app ate donkey du, so I always used the third party app. I am still using the third party app for Tidal. Followed the wiki to set it up and it really wasn't that hard. So if there really isn't a third-party app for Spotify anymore, I would say just switch to Tidal. If you don't want lossless for $20 per month, you can do Spotify quality (320 Mbps) for $10. Good luck!
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