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I am new to the site, this is my first post. But I am not new to Polk Audio. They are my favorite speaker and always will be. I am currently running a LSIM706 for my center, 707's for my fronts 705's for my sides, and a set of LSI25 for my rear surrounds. I am wondering if the new Signature Series will be timbre matched to the LSI line?


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    The short answer is no.
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    Welcome, Marcelo!
    Agreed with above. I don't think the LSi25s are timbre matched, either, with your LSiM series?

    Follow-up questions:
    • How serious are you about your surround sound use/quality?
    • How do you use your surround sound? HT only, or for music as well?
    • Which Signatures were you considering?

    Seems to me, with your other speakers, depending on placement possibilities, the 703s or 702s would be a better match. If you're not serious about those two channels where your LSi25s are in use, grab a set of Signatures from a place with a good return policy if possible, and see how you like them. They're earning a pretty good reputation from the owners around here, so far. Bear in mind that they'll take some time to break in, but with your other speakers, I'm sure you know this already.
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