Anyone try CDT speakers?

Anyone ever try CDT car speakers?
Ive had this pair of HD6's sitting in their box for over a year now.
Tried em momentarily on a home receiver to test working condition.
Just bought a 88 S10 4x4 Im thinking about putting them in.
Worth the effort?


  • Rich502Rich502 Posts: 105
    Yes, they are decent speakers, the HD series, I'd imagine you'd want to run them with some sort of crossover set up.
  • JstasJstas Posts: 13,727
    My experience with CDT, while limited, has been that they are typically top notch. They have several ranges and even their lowest end range will stand head and shoulders above most. You'll pay for them though as they aren't necessarily cheap. However, like SEAS, Focal, Morel, Tang Band and Peerless, they made a name for themselves building drivers for other manufacturers and only recently (in the past 5-10 years or so) have they started wading into the retail market themselves.

    But as a respected manufacturer with high quality standards, all the stuff I have seen from CDT reflects that. The HD series is a mid-range (well, for them, more like a high end for most others) series and it's won the most awards for them because it's a tremendous value.

    Like the other drivers, especially Focal, those CDTs will be very rewarding to listen to if you take some time in install and set up.
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  • exalted512exalted512 Posts: 10,796
    Solid built drivers. Despite their listed high sensitivity, I've never had good luck under powering these speakers. They say 100w RMS and that's the minimum I would strive for. Not a huge fan of their tweeters, though. I also realize I'm probably 2 months too late in replying...
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