5 Ghz vs 2 Ghz

My Verizon/Frontier router took a dump on me 2 weeks ago, so I had to call customer service to order another one (That is a separated discussion for another time). Well a week later, I had to go down to our local service center and ask a tech to come by my home to give me one. The router puts out a dual signal like most new ones do, 2.4 Ghz and 5 Ghz. Wifi devices in my home have grown as fast as the stock market with over 30 devices:

Cell phones
Security Cameras
Amazon sticks
and so on

My plan was to move as many devices over to the 5 G network to cut down on the load on the 2 G (and yes I have used all 4 cat 5 ports on the rear of the router). My server in the garage had a 2 G adapter, so I changed it out with a 5 G, this server handles my music, backup for photos and other important documents. The unintintened bonus of switching out that 2 G for the 5 G was better sound stage and depth in my music. I use the squeezebox Touch for my transport in each room of the house (total of 6), after thinking about this bonus it made sense as the server was putting out more bandwidth with 5 G adapter than the old 2 G allowing more of each track to come through. In our world of trying to get the most out of our systems this cheap upgrade ($6.00 online) can increased your enjoyment of your digital collection.
Family Room HT 7.2/i]:
Vizio P55-E1UHD Pioneer Elite SC-LX502 Pioneer Elite BDP 85FD Pioneer Elite N-50 Panamax M5300-EX
Living room 2ch:
Integra ADM 2.1 Teac EQ MKII Squeezebox Touch Fluance SX Speakers Panamax M5100-EX
Upstairs media room:
Vizio D1 32" Pioneer Elite VSX 32 Sony PS4 Squeezebox Touch Polkaudio Rti 6's fronts Polk CSR Center Polkaudio PSW 10 sub Panamax M5300-EX
Master bedroom:
Vizio VF550M Pioneer Elite VSX 33 Pioneer Elite BDP 80FD Squeezebox Touch Polk audio Monitor 40 II fronts, Rears Optimus LX5s Jensen CCS center Polkaudio PSW 10 sub Panamax 5100
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