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so I have a optoma ht projector coming for my little media room. The only audio output is a single 3.5mm. Do I just use a 3.5 to rca to go to my stereo receiver for sound?


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    Yes, or you could do like I did and get an HDMI audio splitter and send the audio via Toslink to your DAC or receiver. In my case, I'm using an office projector with xvga input and my splitter converts to a VGA output.
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    The projector is usually used for the video/visual portion only as it doesn't have the ability to pass on the audio other than through the 3.5 audio output. The normal chain used is from the source (DVD/Cable/Satellite box) to receiver that can handle the audio and video switching with HDMI and then on to the projector with the video only portion.

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