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    Emlyn wrote: »

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    so -- for the OP's benefit ;)

    By what mode are you trying/failing to post an emoji?

    There is always -- there should be, at any rate -- the nuclear option.
    In Vanilla, certain pairs of ASCII characters are parsed into emoticons (if not modern emoji per se).


    : followed by ) makes: :)

    : + / = :/

    there are a few other options :)

    Is this at all helpful :pensive:
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    nbrowser wrote: »
    To the op...first post in this thread...least offensive ever posted! Congrats. :smiley:

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    Lol, I was testing to see if the emojis built into my Gboard keyboard on Android would show up in a post. I may have enabled invisible emojis, however. Here are some more:

    Oooh, that one could get me banned! Sorry if I offended anyone!
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    ninja emojis...
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