Fs: JBL 2360 horn, Altec 511b horn

artinaz Posts: 185
JBL 2360 horns with stands for 150$ each in SF Bay Area
Altec 511b horns for 80$ for the pair.

This is going to appeal more to the diy crowd. If you are looking to build a 2-way with a horn and a bass reflex box, either of these 2 horns will do great from 500hz up. You will need a pair of compression driver (for about 100 bucks you can get the excellent emilar 320 pair for example), a crossover and the woofer section.

The JBL 2360 is a fine sounding horn. Does 500-20Khz, even 350 with the right driver. You could easily build a 2 way with a woofer handling the <500 bandwidth. Ideally your space should be on the bigger side for these to truly sing. They are constant directivity 90X40, and many reviewers speak of the even diffusion of music. They are big though. I have the stands too.